After receiving her law degree by the Universidad Complutense de Madrid in 1992, she studied for the public examinations to access the judiciary. She then started her professional career with a course in the   Escuela de Prácticas Jurídicas (School of Legal Practice). She continued her training through internships in several Madrid law firms specialised in different areas.

In 1994 she established her own law firm, Sanchez Jordi & Asociados, a multidisciplinary firm whose main area of expertise is civil law. She continued her professional career in the area of Family Law, where she has accumulated a vast experience. She combines her practice with teaching and her participation in different media as an expert in this matter.

Since the onset of 2013 she is in charge of the Family Law Department in the legal firm DILIGENTIA Abogados y Asesores Tributarios.

Gema Sanchez

Area of expertise

  • Family and Inheritance Law
  • Civil Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Labour Law
  • Trade Law
  • Information Technology Law
  • Military Administrative Law
  • Tax Advisory and Accounting Law
  • Patent and Trademark Law