Industrial and Intellectual Property Law

  • Counselling on the protection and defence of any kind of industrial and intellectual property right, including patents, trademarks, industrial designs, domain names and copyrights
  • Our solid experience allows us to offer ad-hoc intangible assets protection schemes in line with the client’s objectives, commercial interests and needs
  • Implementation of all kinds of proceedings in this sector before and during litigation, as well as in the contractual field


  • Screening and preventive advice for the adequate protection of such rights
  • Research on registry records; technical and legal reports analysing registry feasibility, nullity, infractions, etc.
  • Proceedings before competent for the registry and the obtainment of exclusive rights regarding any kind of right on industrial and intellectual property locally, in the EU and internationally
  • Processing of applications, opposition drafts, replies to suspensions, appeals, recordals of licences, etc.
  • Administration and monitoring services for industrial property portfolios
  • Audits of industrial property portfolios

Patents, designs and utility models

  • Advice and previous proceedings to evaluate the effective protection of the invention and the most appropriate proceedings
  • Screening services. Research, enquiries, as well as legal and technical reports analysing the technical state of the art and patentability, invalidity, infringement or non-infringement, etc.
  • Execution of all types of procedures before the national (OEPM – Spanish Office of Patents and Trademarks) and international bodies (EPO, WIPO, etc.) that ensure the protection of inventions
  • Processing of patents, utility models, industrial drawings, and plant varieties applications, both, nationally and internationally
  • Legal actions before the competent ordinary national and EU courts for the defence or validation of all kinds of intellectual and industrial property rights and/or regarding anti-competition or unfair conducts
  • Lodging statements of opposition, filing appeals and pleadings defending the registry of such rights, as well as submitting licence registration and other levies in compliance with the laws in force
  • Validations, maintenance and monitoring


  • Actions to insure the evidence of ownership on a copyrighted work
  • Applications before the RGPI (Intellectual Property Registry General), notarial deposits, escrow agreements, etc.
  •  Advice on the use of works protected by intellectual property rights on social networking sites

B. Litigious and pre-litigious actions

  • Advice and preliminary proceedings in case of conflicts related to the exploitation or validity of industrial or intellectual property rights. Preparation of requirements, analysis and defence strategy schemes adjusted to the client’s rights
  • Actions before the competent EU and national ordinary courts for the defence or validity of all kinds of industrial and intellectual property rights as well as against unfair competition behaviours
  • Intervention in all kinds of judicial or arbitration proceedings for alternative dispute resolutions regarding the recovery of domain names, including those that need to be handled before Autocontrol, the WIPO, the Court of Justice of the European Union or the general court
  • Actions before the custom authorities and regarding anti-piracy and illegal parallel imports
  • Investigations aimed at detecting the manufacture, import, export, distribution or trade of counterfeit goods

C. Contractual and non-litigious advice

  • Negotiations, reports, audits of portfolios
  • Negotiation, drafting and revision of contracts concerning the exploitation of intangible assets, including copyright and related rights, coexistence agreements, licences, know-how, distribution, franchising, merchandising, sponsoring, etc.
  • Drafting of ad hoc clauses

D. Other

  • Advice on advertising, image rights or personal branding
  • Advice on Designations of Origin and Protected Geographical Indications